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  • Swept Boss/Base (Features toolbar) or Insert > Boss/Base > Sweep (Insert > Boss/Base > Sweep).
  • Swept Cut (Features toolbar) or Insert > Cut > Sweep (Insert > Cut > Sweep).
  • Select Swept Surface from the Surfaces toolbar or Insert > Surface > Sweep from the Insert menu.

Swept Cut can be found under Assembly Features on the CommandManager's Assembly tab, or it can be found under Insert > Assembly Feature > Cut > Sweep. In the Swept Cut PropertyManager, adjust the parameters as needed. Specify which components you want the feature to effect under Feature Scope.

Sweep features are created by moving a specific 2D cross-section (or face) along a pre-determined path to form a 3D shape or surface. In addition to constructing the cross-section, the sweep approach allows the user to define a 2-D or 3-D guiding curve.

"What is a sweep?" is a question that clients regularly ask. Sweep is a tool in SOLIDWORKS that moves a profile along a path to create a solid, a cut, or a surface feature. To make a solid, move a profile down a path with the Swept Boss tool. One or more closed contours can be found in the profile.

Creates a solid rod or hollow tube directly on a model along a sketch line, edge, or curve. Sets the profile (sector) for the sweep to be created. In the graphics section or the FeatureManager design tree, select the profile. For a base or boss sweep functionality, the profile must be closed.

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