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In this tutorial , we will be looking at the different types of relations in Solidworks. Solidworks Relations: -Sketch relation: Used for connecting sketches using a 2D plane. -Dimension relation: Used to connect dimensions from different planes. -Offset relation: Used to offset a dimension or sketch from another plane. -Aligned dimension relation: Uses 2 dimensions to establish a relationship with one another by aligning their bounding boxes, ensuring none intersect and intersecting any other bounding boxes. It is used primarily for the creation of 3D solids by defining size and position as well as creating reference planes to establish relationships between parts of the model. -Mirror relation: Creates a mirror image but cannot be applied parallel to an existing line

In Solidworks, relation between sketch entities and model other way , 2D or 3D sketches, are an main means of building in design intent. You can also add relations in the following ways: it allow the solidworks application to automatically add relations, Automatic relationsis to : Inferencing.

Solidworks is the software which helps the user create 3D models. It also has a feature which allows the user to have relationships between their different models. This tutorial will show you how to create relationships in Solidworks. The first step is to create a new diagram, wherever you want it on your screen, for example in front of your plan view. Add the first entity by selecting “solid” from the list of choices and then click on “Add” at the top-right corner of your screen. Now that you have created a new entity, go ahead and add another one by clicking on “Solid” again and then right-clicking on it.

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