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Solidworks is a CAD software that has many options for adding parts to a drawing. While some of these options are easy, others may be more difficult to use. There are several ways to add parts in Solidworks. Let's go through them one by one. First, you can insert the part before the line you want it to be on. If the part is already inserted after the line, shift+drag or shift+click on an edge of the part and drag it on top of the drawing

Drawing parts are created by breaking the drawing into separate parts and then adding those parts to the drawing. Drawing Parts: The steps involved in adding a part to a drawing in Solidworks is as follows: 1. Create a new Part or insert an existing Part. 2. Enter the dimensions of the part, including any required supports and features for this part. 3. Change/Add/Delete Supports and Features for this part to assemble them into your required assembly.

Drawing packages are a set of files which are saved in a Solidworks format. They contain the geometry information of the sketch, the drawing, the reference image file, and additional drawing instructions. Drawing packages are used to create an assembly or model in order to re-use its design. For example, if you want to create a tool which has an overall shape similar to a hammer head with a large flat head and small handle you can create one drawing package and change the scale of it so it can be used in multiple projects.

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