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olidWorks is an engineering design software used worldwide by the industry. It is designed to give users a wide range of tools that can be used for designing, drafting, and analyzing various parts of various types of products. The user interface of SolidWorks is split into three main sections: design mode, drawing mode, and simulation mode. Design mode gives you the ability to work with 3D geometry to make sure that your designs are accurate. Drawing mode allows you to create 2D drawings or 3D drawings by using a wide range of drawing tools and in-context references in order to prepare your design for production or further development elsewhere in the company. Simulation mode provides a full-scale virtual environment with which you can view your designs in real time so you can ensure they are functioning properly before going into production

For those who are new to Solidworks, this tutorial will walk you through the process of creating a UI in Solidworks. The first step is to create a new document. Next, create a plane, called plane1. Now make sure plane1 is selected. Select insert>UVW>Units>mm or inches depending on your desired measurement unit. The next step is to create another plane, plane2. Make sure plane2 is also selected and then go up to insert>UVW>Units and make sure mm or inches are checked as well. Now select edit mesh>plane2 mesh from the top menu bar and change it into an edit mesh for an inner surface by clicking on the surface tool icon in the toolbar below the 3D view window. Then click

The interface in Solidworks can be changed by changing the settings for the interface. The setting interfaces are available in the main menu. To change the settings for an individual interface, click on View -> Show Settings and then click on Interface to change the settings. If you want to change how your work is displayed, you can use these options: Display Options -> Visualization -> General-> Display Settings Display Options -> Visualization -> Toolbars & Menus-> Display Settings Display Options -> Spaces & Workspaces-> Display Settings Display Options -> Tools & Views-> Display Settings

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