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A dome is a hollow half of a sphere. Domes are one of the most familiar features in architecture, frequently used for government and religious buildings. A dome is a curved formation or structure. It is shaped like half of a sphere.

1.Select a sketch plane (such as the Front Plane) 2.Sketch a semicircle. 3.Go to the Features tab on the Command Manager. Select “Revolve Boss/Bass” 4.Select the line in the semicircle as the axis of revolution. Specify your revolution amount, then press the green check to generate the sphere.

Trimming an intersecting body in Solidworks is done by making an offset on two planes. One of the planes is parallel to the intersection of the body and another plane parallel to the transected body. The planes are then offset from each other by a distance that is equal to the thickness of the intersecting body. This way, you create a new surface that has exactly one thickness on either side of it.

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