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Rib is a special type of extruded feature created from open or closed sketched contours. It adds material of a specified thickness in a specified direction between the contour and an existing part. Buttons, cylinders, and round holes are all rib features. Rib features can be used for structural strengthening, aesthetic purposes, or simply to make objects stand out from their background.

The rib is a thin, curved piece of metal that is used to connect two components. The rib can be inserted at the bottom of an assembly or other object to extend it. Typically, the rib is inserted at the bottom of an assembly or other object when it needs to extend further than any other object in the assembly. However, there are some instances when you would insert a rib at different places in an assembly. At Solidworks World Conference this year, Solidworks announced that they have improved their software so that users can insert a rib into multiple locations without needing to change material. This has been made possible with 'Smart Ribs'.

Profile Ribs are thin fins or webs that attach to solid surfaces in a design. They usually help to strengthen a part of the design by minimizing unwanted bending, but they can also be used to prevent unwanted separation. A Profile Rib feature is a thin fin or web protrusion that attaches to solid surfaces in your design. Typically, these ribs are designed to strengthen parts in your design and are often used to prevent unwanted bending.

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