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While adding a new component to the assembly, mate it. Drag and drop a part from one window to another in the assembly.

  • On the Assembly toolbar, click Move Component.
  • Select SmartMates from the Move menu in the PropertyManager.
  • Select a component by double-clicking it, then selecting a valid mating partner. The Mate toolbar displays as a pop-up window.
  • Select a SmartMate and then click.
  • Select PropertyManager from the drop-down menu.

Mates are produced automatically when references are introduced to an assembly. When these mates need to be formed after the component is placed in the assembly, or when there are some assembly components that aren't frequently reused or inserted in assemblies, SmartMates are employed.

Mates are used to connect assembly components geometrically. You determine the permissible directions of linear or rotational motion of the components as you add mates. You may visualise the behaviour of an assembly by moving a component within its degrees of freedom.

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