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There are many steps in creating a user interface in SolidWorks. These steps are important for the success of creating a complete and well-designed interface. First, you should lay out your design in the correct view. Next, you want to define your units of measure and units of scale which will determine how your objects will be displayed in relation to each other. This is one of the most important steps in designing an application because it determines how easy it will be to use and navigate through your application when it is released into the marketplace. Next, you should define all required views for your application, including toolbars, ribbon tabs, status bars and more. In this step, you decide what screens users need access to during their work session as well as what information needs to be displayed on them

Users in the designing industry can benefit from customization in solidworks because it allows them to tailor their interface to the specific needs of the project. This customization also helps users in solidworks feeling more confident about their design because they know that they are using a customized interface.

The SolidWorks toolbar allows you to customize your commands in order to help you work more efficiently. There are three steps to customize the SolidWorks toolbar: 1) Click the small arrow next to the taskbar. 2) Click Add Toolbar Command. 3) Choose which command you want to add and click OK in the bottom right corner

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