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Create a sheet metal part that encompasses the region you want to close off to close a corner. The closed corner feature, for example, can be used to block off the free space between adjacent, angled edge flanges. Closed Corner can be found in the Sheet Metal toolbar or by going to Insert > Sheet Metal > Closed Corner.

  • Make a uniformly thick portion with consecutive planar faces forming one or more linear edges or a chain of linear edges.
  • Draw single, linear entities, starting and ending at the vertices, across planar faces.
  • Select Rip from the Sheet Metal toolbar or Insert > Sheet Metal > Rip from the Insert menu.

Edge Rip rips the sheet metal along one of its edges. For the ripped edges, you can specify an edge treatment. Surface Rip—Removes volume from the model by cutting out an entire surface region. To define a surface patch, use the Split Area tool.

  • Draw a line on the sheet metal part's planar face.
  • Select Sketched Bend from the drop-down menu.
  • For Fixed Face, select a face that does not move as a result of the bend in the graphics area.
  • Select a Bend Centerline, Material Inside, Material Outside, or Bend Outside position.

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