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Loft creates feature to making transition between the figure. A Loft can be a cur, boss, base , or surface. Only the first, last and first and last figure. All drawing guide entities, including guide curves, and profiles, can be contained by in a single 3D draw. The lofted boss is a new type of furniture that has an open space under the ceiling.The lofted bosses are becoming popular in recent years, especially for people who like to work on their laptops or tablets. They are also perfect for people who like to meditate or watch TV

A lofted boss is a modeling technique that helps to create a clean, sturdy, and aesthetically pleasing design. It also helps to create complex shapes in free-form design work. One of the ways that you can create a lofted boss is by using the Loft tool. You can start by building your base shape using the Loft tool and then use Extrude to create the final shape. Step 1. Click New Step 2. Click the Top plane and Draw the figure. Step 3. Click the circle. and draw the circle at the the origin. Step 4. Drawing exit. Step 5. Click the Top plane and The feature>Reference Geometry Tool>Plane Step 6. Click the Plane1 and draw the figure. Step 8 . Click the circle. and draw the circle at the the origin. Step 8 . Click the Plane2 and draw the figure.

This will be a basic tutorial on how to create a loft in Solidworks. You can create a loft by going to the solidworks “Customize” tab and hitting the “Add Feature” button. You will then be able to add a loft from the Feature tree on the left side of your screen. First, you will need to make sure you have selected your design from the Feature tree on the left side of your screen before you move onto creating a loft. Next, in order to create a loft in Solidworks, you will need to select one of two types of ceilings: “Ceiling Type” and “Ceiling Height Zones. The Ceiling Height Zones are going to affect where you start and end Step 1. Click the a plane for each profile but do not draw the the plane in parcellate Step 2. Draw the section profile for each the plane. Step 3.If necessary create a guide curves. Step 4. Clicking the lofted tool Step 5. Setting the Property manager Step 6. OK

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