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Bases are critical for sheet metal parts, but can be difficult to create in SOLIDWORKS without adding user-defined features. Now, adding a base feature to a part is as easy as selecting the Base option under Feature Tree in the Modify Part dialog box. Once added, you can easily add bends and other sheet metal specific features to any area of your part.

The base flange is a type of feature created in Solidworks. It is a set of 3D shapes that are used to create a solid body. The base flange can be created from a single large shape or multiple small shapes. In this tutorial, we will go through the process of creating the base flange in Solidworks.

To use a solidworks flange cutter, you must first prepare the workpiece. This consists of identifying the flange on the part, marking it with a scribe, and scoring it. The next step is to orient the flange cutter over the score mark and use it to cut through the material. The most important thing you should do when using this tool is to be careful not to put too much pressure on your fingers while using it.

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