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In Solidworks, you have to create a reference plane because it is the only way to adjust the other planes in CAD. You can create a plane by using the default grid or by using shapes. In order to create a plane, you have to select the sketch option from the top left corner of your screen. Then select Create Reference Plane from here. Afterward, click on where you want your plane to be and then press Enter key on your keyboard. In other way to Complete step by step guide for to create a refernce plane : 1.Click Plane (Reference Geometry toolbar) or Insert > Reference Geometry > Plane . 2.In the PropertyManager, select an entity for First Reference . ... 3.Select a Second Reference and Third Reference as necessary to define the plane. ... 4.Click .

Reference planes are used to define and create a reference point for objects in Solidworks. They can also be used to create more advanced geometry. For example, you could use one as a secondary swing arm of a chair. Reference planes can be created in the following ways: - Create the reference plane by selecting the Plane tool from the Sketch tab - To add an existing onscreen entity such as an edge of a machine body, another object, or another plane

Reference planes are geometric shapes that serve as a visual reference for how objects intersect. They can be used in the physical world or in digital drawing software. A common use case of a reference plane is to find and draw parallel lines on a map. Here, the first line is horizontal and the second line is vertical and they meet at a point. There are three different types of reference planes: 1) Parallel planes also known as two-point perspective 2) Perspective planes 3) Isometric planes

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