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Entities are a type of entity that exists in the world. Place the sketch entity where you want the split to take place. A split point is inserted between the two sketch entities as the sketch entity breaks into two.

A sketch entity can be split into two sketch entities. On the other hand, you can eliminate a split point to merge two sketch entities into one. To split a circle, entire ellipse, or closed spline, use two split points.

  • Select Split Line from the Curves toolbar or Insert > Curve > Split Line from the Insert menu.
  • Select Projection from the Type of Split drop-down menu in the PropertyManager.
  • Select A sketch for Sketch to Project from the Selections menu. To split a sketch, choose various contours from the same sketch.
  • Press the button. Before and after shots.

  • Select Split from the Features toolbar or from the Insert > Features > Split menu.
  • In the PropertyManager, set the options.
  • Select the bodies to save under Resulting Bodies, or click Auto-assign Names.
  • Under File, double-click the body name, type a name for the new portion in the dialogue box, and then save.

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