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  • Select Draft Analysis from the Mold Tools toolbar or View > Display > Draft Analysis from the
  • View menu. Set the parameters for the analysis as well as the colour settings, and then click.
  • Select View > Modify > Draft Analysis from the View menu.
  • Select Draft Analysis from the View toolbar or View > Display > Draft Analysis from the View menu.

  • Make a rough sketch of the part that will be drafted.
  • Construct a plane.
  • Draw the dividing line you want.
  • Draw a curve with a split line.
  • Select Draft from the Features toolbar or Insert > Features > Draft from the Insert menu.
  • Select Step Draft from the Type of Draft drop-down menu.

We can use SOLIDWORKS Draft Analysis to see if a part is ready to be moulded. It makes use of colour highlighting to show which parts of a model's face have enough draught to be easily removed from a mould.

Select the draught components to alter under Faces to Draft under Drafts to Change. You choose the two orange-colored outer faces in this example (one each on opposite sides of the horizontal cylinder). To change the draught for the selected faces, set a value for Draft Angle and click Change.

You can use draught analysis to check draught angles, look at angle variations inside a face, and find parting lines, injection, and ejection surfaces in parts.

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