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There are a few ways to cut in SolidWorks : 1. Using the Cut command 2. Using the Path command 3. Using the Create Part from Surface command 4. Using the Advanced Cut tool 5. Using a combination of these methods

Definition: Extrusion is a process of fabricating an object, typically metal, by blowing molten material through a die. The extruding of material from a die is the process of creating objects by pressing the forming surface against a ram or other pressure point. The molten material then flows into or through the die cavity, where it solidifies to form the object. Extrusion can be done in many ways including casting, forging, and blowing using various materials including sand, slag, metal powder, ceramic powder.

The extrude cut is a feature in SolidWorks that allows users to create complex shapes by drawing lines. This tool is usually grayed out, though, because it's not necessary for the task you're trying to complete. There are two reasons the extrude cut is grayed out in this workflow: 1) The geometry doesn't require an extrude cut; and 2) There are no edges that need to be fixed up on either end of the geometry.

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