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What makes a good boss is the way they lead their team and the way they provide support. To make a revolved boss, you will need to use your left hand for the base and your right hand for the cone. To create a revolve feature : Draw a sketch that contains one or more profile and a centerline , lone ot edges to use as the axis around which the feature revolve. Click the following revolve tools are Revolve tools bar or boss/ base or add>Boss/Base>Revolve

It is a process a soildworks Components that is used to create a solid 3D model around an axis. you can a revolved a draw around an axis to materials to it. You can approach revolved boss/base from both command manager and menu bar. A revolving boss base is a type of a rotating bearing found in a variety of machines and mechanisms. It allows for rotation without requiring any external power source. The base consists of two conical rather than cylindrical surfaces with the axis running through the intersection point between them. A revolving boss base allows for the turning, but not the axial movement, of an object around its own axis, such as a shaft or pinion, without requiring any external power source.

Revolved add or remove material by revolving one or more figure around a centerline. You can create revolved boss/base, revolved cut or revolved surface. This Components is describe can be a solid, a thin feature, or a surface. Revolve is a line, arc, or helix that is used in the design of sketches and models.

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