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One of the most popular software packages in the world, Solidworks is used extensively by engineers to model and design products. This software is not only used for engineering purposes, but also for 3D printing. The first step to enable 3D sketch is choosing Edit Sketching mode by selecting File > Sketching > Edit Sketch. After that, it's time to start drawing. With this mode activated, you will be able to draw lines by moving your mouse cursor around on the screen. To do so, hold down the left mouse button and drag your mouse pointer around on the screen until you have a desired shape or object being sketched out on paper with an arrow through it. The next step is transforming the sketched-out object into a series of lines using Measurements Toolbox > Create

3D sketches are vital for the design and development of a product. They can be used to demonstrate ideas and designs and also help in the creation of prototypes. The use cases for this tool go beyond just design. It can be used as a way to explain or give instructions on how to assemble a product or even as a marketing tool that showcases your product's features. How do you decide what 3D sketching feature is most important? If you're not sure, start with drawing lines with your mouse-pointer from one corner of the screen to another corner, then from one side of your screen back to another side, then from one corner back up again. This will create a basic rectangle between the two corners, giving you a rough idea of what size it should be.

A 3D sketch can be started simply by clicking the 3D sketch button located on the weldments tab. Once the button is selected, Next to the cursor will be the letters XY, YZ, or XZ.

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