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Create a Flat Pattern from a Sheet Metal Model With a single body sheet metal part open, on the ribbon click Sheet Metal tab Flat Pattern panel , click Create Flat Pattern. The flat pattern is created, and displays. ... In the browser, double-click the Folded Model node to return to the folded model state

Solidworks pattern view is a tool that helps you plan and manage work. It shows you the user-friendly representation of the 3D model. This Solidworks tutorial focuses on changing pattern view in Solidworks. You can also change other views such as assembly, drawing, and camera views.

A flat line bend pattern will show a drawn line with two straight sections on either side of the drawn line. A slash mark would be drawn under the drawn line to denote where the transition starts and ends. The start point for this pattern is typically located at 0,0,0. Explanation: To show a flat line bend pattern in Solidworks, you need to select an existing object and then go to Draw > Line > Flat Line Bend Pattern. Then select your desired thickness - 0.5 mm or 1 mm for example - and then go back to Scale Clickpoints & Fillets> Clickpoints > Clickpoint Options> Clickpoint Options> Clickpoint Options > click on one of the lines on either side of your drawn curving line.

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