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Dimensioning can be challenging to do manually. As such, this tutorial will show you how you can use the dimensioning tool within Solidworks to add dimensions. You can also consider using an AI writing assistant tool that generates dimension text for you, such as Marvelous Designer or StoryMaker. The first step is to create a new text block in a text flow and then select dimension from the drop-down list. This will open up the dimension dialog box with three different types of dimensions: linear, angular, and radius. Additionally, there are different ways of specifying dimensions by using predefined settings or entering custom values into the input fields. In order to enter a value into each input field, right-click on that field and choose from the menu that appears: Enter Value -> Custom

Adding Dimensions and Annotations in solidworks 1.To insert 3D annotations: 2.In a part or assembly, click a tool on the Annotation toolbar. Click to place the symbol in the model.

There are four basic dimensions in assembly - height, width, depth, and weight. You can find these dimensions listed on the packaging of most products. This course explains the different ways to add dimensions in assembly. Height: This dimension is measured from one end of the workpiece to another. Width: This dimension is measured from one side of a workpiece to its opposite side at a right angle. Depth: This dimension is measured from one face of a workpiece to its opposite face at a right angle or any two adjacent faces that are not right angles to each other. Weight: Weight is usually measured by how much force it takes for something to rest on an object without slipping or moving it out of position. It measures how dense an object is because density varies by mass,

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