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Fillets are used in almost every application of engineering. They are used to join two or more surfaces together so that they form a smooth transition. A fillet can also be used to join two parts of the same surface together. There are four types of fillets in Solidworks: Round, Square, Bevel, and Angular.

In this tutorial , we will discuss the different steps you need to take when you use the variable radius fillet. Step 1: Select a perimeter path. Step 2: Set a fillet radius on one of the control points Step 3: Set a fillet radius on another of the control points Step 4: Either click on the starting point or double-click on it

Variable fillet is a term that refers to the process of cutting a groove around an irregularly shaped object such as a coin or gemstone. The purpose of the groove is to provide a route for the solder that will be applied later, and also to keep the stone in place while it is being soldered.

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