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Dynamic mirror is a mirror-like surface that rotates around the center point. It is used in the engineering and manufacturing applications where it has to be able to rotate and follow dynamically. The dynamic mirror function tools > sketch tools > dynamic mirror, is similar to mirror entities the line or lines to mirror about are selected beforehand then anything drawn in the sketch will be mirrored dynamically. An example of a dynamic mirror is an automotive rearview mirror, which can be adjusted to follow the front of a car. Most mirrors use springs, but it could also be done with hydraulic actuators.

When a cube is selected in Solidworks, users can choose to view the geometry from either the top or bottom of the cube. This is a two-sided mirror that creates a virtual 3D image on either side by reflecting light. In order to create this type of mirror, you need to create two mirrored surfaces and place them on opposite sides of the original object. This creates a virtual twin image with planes as mirrors and as such you can see your object from both angles. You also need to include texturing for this type of mirror so it looks like it is made out of metal or glass.

lick Mirror (Features toolbar) or Insert > Pattern/Mirror > Mirror. In an assembly, click Assembly Features and click Mirror , or click Insert > Assembly Feature > Mirror. Mirror features are useful for learners who are new to the software and want to practice writing within it. They can also be very useful for students with dyslexia, who find it difficult to write on paper. Some digital agencies use the mirror tool as they have found this very helpful in generating content at scale. The software gives them a clear idea of what their customer’s opinion is about their product or service, without actually asking them. These sources of information help them come up with better ideas about how they can improve upon their services or products.

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