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SolidWorks has a default hatch feature that helps designers create openings in models. The hatch is an area where the model outline changes to show the contents inside. This article will show you how to edit the hatch settings in SolidWorks. Step1 : Select the Modify>Entity> Hatch Step2: Specifying an existing match Step3: select the hatch to update the hatch to fill to update the color fill. Solid works Hatch Editing

Patterns in Solidworks drawing This tutorial will teach you how to automatically generate patterns in your Solidworks design. Solidworks is a 3D CAD software for creating and modifying product designs. It has a very powerful pattern-making tool which is used to create patterns and designs in the 3D space. Patterns can be made by selecting one or multiple objects and using the tool with different options like radius, angle, height etc. you can see the display notes in linear pattern in drawing. click the Linear note>insert>Annotations>Linear Note Pattern. Solidworks has an option called Pattern Generator which creates patterns with smooth edges, curved edges, circles/ellipses/polygons etc. All of these can be made with different options like type of pattern (rounded corners for example), size of pattern (for example 5mm) etc. This feature has been used to create some key patterns on some key objects

The hatch pattern is a graphical element that is used by Solidworks to create patterns within a 3D solid. It is an enclosed area that can be drawn or filled with color, transparency, or both. Hatch patterns are useful for creating different types of surfaces, such as rounded contours and smooth surfaces. They can also be used for creating complex shapes within models. The hatch pattern is alternate when section is assembly. Randomized the hatch scale for the same material in the drawing line.

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