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Knowing how to customize a title block in Solidworks will help you improve the quality of your work. To customize a title block in Solidworks, click on the Options menu > Title Blocks. The Title Blocks dialog box will appear, which is where you can change the height and width of the text. To change text font, go to Options > Fonts & Text. There are also other font-related options available in this dialog box. The option that lets you create a new title block will appear when you first open up Solidworks after installing it. You can then create your own template by choosing one of the preloaded templates or creating your own template from scratch.

Sometimes, we need to change the title block template for a specific project because of changes in the production order or a client's request. This can be a daunting task if you don't have a template that you are comfortable with. 1) Create a new spreadsheet with all the necessary information for this project. 2) Copy the title block from the existing template into that spreadsheet as well as all of its options and settings. 3) In that spreadsheet, change what needs to be changed and then save it as your new template.

Solidworks templates are used to automate repetitive tasks. This ensures efficiency and consistency in design. If you need to add a title block template in Solidworks, follow the following steps: 1. Open up your drawing with the desired title block template; 2. Copy the Title Block Template into the Drawing; 3. Save your drawing; 4. Add an image of your desired size to replace the title block template; 5. Send file for print release approval; 6. Create a new drawing with all layers visible and make sure that “Block” is selected on top of it; 7. Select “Mate Extruded Shape” on top of Block layer and hit “MATE EXTENDED SHAPE” button

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