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  • Link Dimensions in Solidworks

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Select Link Values from the context menu when you right-click the dimension. Select or type a Name in the Shared Values dialogue box. Global variables are now available for selection under Name, in addition to the linked variable names you establish.

A connected dimension is one that was produced and saved in another Analysis Services database with the same version and compatibility level as this one. You can build, save, and maintain a dimension on one database while making it available to users of various databases by utilising a linked dimension.

Double-click the dimension, then type = (equal sign) and several characters from the global variable name in the Modify dialogue box. A flyout menu with a name that corresponds to the characters you input appears. The global variable is related to both dimensions. Repeat the process for as many dimensions as are required.

  • Click Smart Dimension (Dimensions/Relations toolbar) or Tools > Dimensions > Smart with the model view normal to the annotation view.
  • Select Reference dimension in the Dimension PropertyManager.
  • Select the chamfer's silhouette edge in the graphics section.

You choose "connect values" from the right menu button after right-clicking on a dimension you want to link. You'll be asked to give the dimension you've chosen a name. Once you've given it a name, you'll be able to link to it from other dimensions.

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