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Revolve cut is a tool in construction geometry that is used for cutting long, straight, deep holes in the ground that are usually circular or square. With this tool, we can cut off a large rectangular area of earth and then proceed to construct whatever we want on top of it. It’s not just for residential projects either - revolve cuts can be used for any type of construction project. In other way Open a sketch on a face or plane, and sketch a profile of the cut. The profile can contain more than one closed contour. Click Extruded Cut or Revolved Cut (Features toolbar), or click Insert > Assembly Feature > Cut , then Extrude or Revolve. Set the options as needed in the Extrude or Revolve PropertyManager.

There are many terms that are used interchangeably, but they have two different meanings. Cutting means to slice something into pieces. Revolving is turning around an object by winding something around its axis. The difference between the two is that cutting is done with a sharp instrument while revolving requires movement of an object's mass. Cutting can help you cut things down to size or make it easier for you to remove them from the area where they are currently in. Revolving helps you achieve the desired shape or keep it in position for a longer period of time.

To create a revolved cut, you can either sketch a centerline with the revolved section, or select an existing axis of revolution. Sketching the centerline for a revolved cut will automatically generate the feature body that revolves around this axis of revolution.To Create a Revolved Cut. The sketched section for a revolved cut must be closed. A revolved feature must contain an axis of revolution. Create an axis of revolution either by sketching a centerline with the revolved section, or by selecting existing linear geometry.

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