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  • Select Shell from the Features toolbar or Insert > Features > Shell from the Insert menu.
  • In the PropertyManager, go to Parameters > Parameters > Parameters > Parameters > Parameters > Para
  • Make a click.

Insert > Features > Shell (Features toolbar) or Shell (Insert > Features > Shell). Under Parameters in the PropertyManager, you can write an equation by entering = (equal sign) and selecting global variables, functions, and file properties from a drop-down list in those fields that support numeric input.

To increase the thickness around the section that failed, add an extrude feature to the model's bottom face. Remove the faces of the extrude feature and the model's original bottom face to make the shell. In the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base, look up 'Shell - Add an Extrude Feature.'

The different types of Shells in Solidworks tools are:

  • Solid Shell: This type of shell is used to create a solid object. It is created by extruding the surfaces and also by adding edges to it.
  • Hollow Shell: This type of shell is used to create a hollow object. It can be created by extruding the surfaces or by adding edges and then removing them later on to create a hole in the solid object.
  • Spline Shell: This type of shell is used to create a spline shape that has circular, elliptical, or polygonal cross sections.

A shell in Solidworks tool can be used to create a three-dimensional form with a shape that is similar to a solid body or an irregular surface. You can also use it to create an opening in the model.

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