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Quick Snaps are instantaneous, single operation Sketch Snaps. Sketching any sketch entity (such as a line) from start to finish is a single operation. Selecting a particular Quick Snaps filters out other Sketch Snaps, enabling you to focus on a particular capability.

Quick Snap is a new Sketch plugin that makes it super easy to build a photo-realistic 3D model from a flat drawing. Quick Snap snaps perfectly to your sketch allowing you to work quickly and accurately. Edit .SKP files, export as .HDR to seamlessly composite into your final project or use as reference material. 1.Make sure you are in an edit session. 2.Ensure snapping is enabled. 3.Click the Snapping menu on the Snapping toolbar and click Snap To Sketch. 4.Turn on at least one snap type, such as edge or vertex snapping.

Centering the text is a fundamental skill of copywriting. The center point selection tool can help you find the right location for your text. The Center Point Selection Tool is available in most recent versions of software programs. However, there are different ways to use this feature on your computer screen. 1) On a Word document screen, toggle on the Scrivener program or on Microsoft Word's "margins and tabs" setting to see the margins and tabs that are currently visible in your current document 2) Open Microsoft Word and type in "center point" or "center point selection tool" in Word's search bar

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