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Solidworks is a 3D CAD software developed by Dassault Systemes. It is used in design, engineering, and manufacturing industries with different purposes. In this free hindi tutorial , we will be covering the views in Solidworks. In Solidworks, there are two types of views: 2D and 3D. The 2D view displays a drawing in its natural size with the ability to change the viewing angle with a mouse or keyboard shortcut. The 3D view displays either an orthographic or perspective view of a model that can be rotated around its axis to see it from any angle. There are other features like Isometric view that shows your model as if it were cut out of paper and looks like an isometric drawing on paper that can also be rotated around its y-axis to see it from

This tutorial will provide the ways to make multiple views in Solidworks. Solidworks is commonly used in engineering industries. Engineers can include various views of their model for different purposes. For example, they might want to see how their design looks from a top or bottom view or from an orthographic view. The main objective of these views is to make it easier for them as well as other engineers who use the same design as them to understand what it looks like and be able to make modifications with ease. The solution that we will be providing is not limited to just making multiple views but also making those views work seamlessly with each other and update automatically when we change any one of them

The three standard views in Solidworks are the Front view, Left view, and Right view. Each of these views provides a different perspective on the part. Product engineers and designers often need to use more than one of these views when creating parts for their designs. For example, if they needed to create a part that could be used with either the left or right side shown, they would use two different Left and Right views in order to create their design with the required features.

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