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Weld Bead (Weldments toolbar) or Insert > Weldments > Weld Bead in a component. Insert > Assembly Feature > Weld Bead into an assembly. Select the faces or edges for the weld bead in the graphics area. To make selections, you can also use the Smart Weld Selection Tool.

Profiles, such as an angle iron, are used in structural members. Standard, Type, and Size are used to categorise profiles. You can: Create your own weldment profiles and add them to the existing library. Set the profile's orientation and pierce point in relation to the sketch section.

To do so, access the menu by right-clicking on the Tabs area in the CommandManager and selecting Weldments. We can transform this into a weldment and start adding structural components now that the Weldment tab has been introduced to the CommandManager.

  • Select or build appropriate standard> and type> subfolders in Save in by browsing to install dir lang language weldment profiles. Custom Profiles can be found under Weldments - File Location.
  • Select Lib Feat Part (*. sldlfp) in Save as type.
  • Give Filename a name.
  • Save the file.

Highlight the drawing view, then go to Insert > Tables > Weldment Cut List, and finally position the table on the drawing. Make any necessary modifications to the table after it has been placed on the drawing.

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