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What is rectangular array and how to use it?

How to Use Array Rectangular in AutoCAD

In this video, we will learn about what is Rectangular array in AutoCAD and how to Use Array Rectangular in AutoCAD.

To select the array command, we can modify the panel and select it from the command prompt window.

The shortcut key for the rectangular array command is the 'A+R+Enter' key.

We have three types of array option,

  1. Rectangular array
  2. Path array
  3. Polar array

We will first select the array command, and then it will ask us to select the object so that we will select our desired object, and then in the command prompt, we will select the 'Rectangular' option. It will create a row and column of the object which we selected. We can change the number of columns and rows from the upper menu. We can also change the distance between two objects from that menu only. We can also provide the total distance of objects from first to last in any row or column.

We also have an option of 'Associative' in our menu, which is ON while it is highlighted, and to of it, we can click on it.

Another option mentioned there is 'Base Point.' There will be one object in which we will be able to see the base point. We can change the base point as we need.

Finally, we have the 'Close array' option, which will get us out of this command.

The 'Associative' option is used when we want to select every object at once, and when this option is kept off, only a single object will get selected from the whole array. The main benefit of this option is that we can delete single objects from the whole array. We can select the whole array together and can edit all objects at once.

We can also replace object items with another object using the 'replace item' option from the upper menu. After replacing the object with another object, we can set the distance between every object using the 'Row spacing' or 'Column spacing' option.


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