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How to use extend command

Extend Command in AutoCAD


In this video, we are going to see that how to use Extend command in AutoCAD.

First of all, we will click on Extend command from our modified panel or command prompt window.

The shortcut key for Extend command is the 'E+X+Enter' key.

First of all, we will need to select the boundary edge for an extension. As soon as we determine, choose the whole object with the lines will pick the entire object with lines, and it will get extended till any boundary comes in front of it. If there is no boundary in front of that object, then the extension of that line is impossible.

Now we will look at some options of extend command. The possibilities are mostly the same as of trim command.

So the first option we will see is 'Fence,' it will create a fence line, and whichever lines or objects pass through its fence will get extended.

We have another option: 'Crossing.' From where were the crossing passes, it will get extended from there.

Another option we have is 'Edge.' It will create one imaginary line for all the other boundaries. Whenever they Extend the lines, they will stop at every border whether they are coming in their way or not because every edge will have an imaginary extension of themselves.

By pressing the shift button from the keyboard, we can change the extend command to trim command, and also, while using the trim command, we can press the shift button from our keyboard to transform it into extend command.


The extend command is a very useful tool in AutoCAD. It allows you to extend a line, polyline, arc, circle, ellipse, or spline. The extend command has two options: Extend and Extend Multiple. The Extend option extends the object in the direction of the cursor while the Extend Multiple option extends all of the objects in a group.

  • The Extend command is used to automatically fill in the blanks when you type in a word. It is a great shortcut for people who find it difficult to type long words with their hands.
  • To use the Extend command, type the word and then press and hold the letter "x". You will see an arrow appear next to your cursor. Move your cursor over to where you want the word to be inserted and release the "x" key. The Extend command will insert that word into your text at that point.

The Extend command is used to extend the length of a line, polyline, or arc. The line can be extended in either direction and can be restricted to a particular distance from the original endpoint.

The Extend command can be used in two ways:

  • Extending a line or polyline by specifying the distance to extend it and the direction.
  • Extending an arc by specifying its endpoint and the direction in which it should be extended.

The different modes of the Extend command are:

  • Copy and Paste: This mode is used to copy text from one place to another.
  • Insert After: This mode inserts a new line after the current line.
  • Insert Before: This mode inserts a new line before the current line.
  • Fill Selection: This mode fills the selection with content. It can be text, image or both.

  • AutoCAD is the most widely used CAD software in the world. AutoCAD’s Extend command is a useful tool for creating 3D models of objects.
  • The Extend command can be used to create 3D models of objects or surfaces by extending 2D lines or curves. It is often used when designing an object from a different perspective, such as from the top, side, or front. The Extend command can also be used to create surfaces by extending lines and curves in any direction.
  • The Extend command can be accessed by going to Draw > Extensions > Extensions Manager > Commands tab > Drawing Utilities group > Extents drop-down list and then selecting one of the three options: Extrude, Revolve, or Sweep.

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