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A round, also known as a fillet, is a tangent arc formed by two 2D objects. On a 3D solid, a curved transition between two surfaces or adjacent faces.

  • Filleting a Polyline in Its Entirety (AutoCAD Mechanical Toolset)
  • Select the Home tab. Fillet should be changed in the panel. Find.
  • P stands for a polyline.
  • Check the fillet size in the Fillet Options panel on the ribbon. To adjust the radius of the fillet:...
  • In the sketching area, click an empty place.
  • Choose a polyline.

To make slanted edges in AutoCAD, use the chamfer command. The lines 1 and 2 are the ones that have been chosen. The chamfer can be made by setting the chamfer distance or angle. On the command line or command prompt, type CHA or chamfer and hit Enter.

Slanted edges are created using the Chamfer function in AutoCAD 3D. Let's have a look at an example. The steps are as follows: On the command line or at the command prompt, type CHAMFEREDGE and press Enter. On the command line, type D or Distance.

To specify the chamfer, select the second item or line segment of a 2D polyline. Before picking the second item or line segment of a 2D polyline, hold down the Shift key to expand or trim the selected objects to produce a crisp corner.

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