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Presspull is a command in Autocad that is used to pull a face of a solid. It can be used to create a new surface on the solid. The presspull command has many uses, but it is most commonly used to create new surfaces on solids. Presspull allows you to modify the shape of the solid by pulling one or more faces out from the body of the solid.

The parameters for a presspull command in Autocad are:

  • The direction of extrusion
  • The distance from the original surface

The presspull command in autocad is a command that is used to create a new surface from an existing surface. The new surface will be created with the same thickness as the original surface.

When you extrude the smaller rectangular face, you get a prism with parallel sides, which is what you'd anticipate from an extrusion. If you utilise Press-Pull, however, the resulting item will keep its angular shape.

Select Modeling > Solid panel > Presspull from the Modeling menu. To make the hole, click within the closed shape or object and drag the pointer through the interior of the 3D solid item. Enter u to undo the preceding steps without quitting the PRESSPULL command (Undo).

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