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How to use move command

How To Use Move Command In AutoCAD - AutoCAD Move Command

In this video we will see that What is AutoCAD move command and How ton use Move command in AutoCAD.

In modify tools we are given many commands, and in that we have Move command, Copy, Stretch, Rotate, Mirror, Scale, Rectangular array, Fillet, Trim, Erase, Explode, and Offset.

We can select our move command from modify panel or AutoCAD shortcut key for it is 'M+Enter' key. After that we need to select object which we want to move from one place to another.

After selecting our object we will press Enter and then it will ask us that from which point you want the object to be selected ie. from centre. After that our object will move and if the ortho is ON than we can disable it by pressing 'F8' key.

In the end we will click at the place where we want our object to be moved, and as soon as we click it will get moved there.

We can also use 'displacement' option for moving the selected object by providing distance from x co-ordinate and y co-ordinate.

There is a difference between move command and pan command.

AutoCAD Move command moves the object from one place to another, while in pan command it moves whole sheet together with it, no particular object can be moved using pan command.



The move command is used to move selected objects in the drawing. It moves objects in the direction of the arrow. If no direction is specified, it moves objects in the direction of the last command.

There are two ways to use this command:

  • The first way is by using a right-click on an object and selecting 'move'. This will open up a pop-up menu with all available options for movement. The second way is by typing 'move' and then specifying which object you want to move and where you want it to go (in what direction).

In this section, we will be discussing the ways in which one can move around on Autocad.


  • Panning is a movement that is achieved by clicking and dragging the cursor in any direction. This will let you see different parts of your drawing from a different angle.


  • Zooming is done by clicking and dragging the cursor away from the object that you are viewing. This will let you see details of your drawing at a closer distance.


  • Rotating is done by holding down the right mouse button and moving the cursor in any direction. This will let you rotate your view of your drawing so that it can be seen from all angles possible.

The Move command is used to move objects from one location to another. The Copy command is used to create a duplicate of an object.

There are two ways to use these commands in AutoCAD:

  • Using the Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • Using the Ribbon

  • The Move and Copy command in AutoCAD is used to copy an object from one location to another. If the object is not selected, then the command will only move the object. If it is selected, then it will also copy it.
  • Move and Copy command in AutoCAD has some limitations. The user can only select one object at a time for this command to work on. This can be a problem if there are more than one objects that need to be moved or copied. Another limitation of this command is that there can only be two points of insertion for the copied objects; one point on each end of the line segment that defines the original path between insertion points of original and destination objects

The move and copy command is a basic tool in all word processing programs. It allows you to easily move or copy text from one place to another. This command is very easy to use, with the mouse, you can select the text that you want to move or copy. You then select the destination for your selection and click on the "cut" or "copy" button.

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