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How to ploting drawing & conversion to pdf,jpg,png & other format

Creating JPEG And PNG Files From AutoCAD


In this video we are going to learn that how we can plot drawing and how we can convert our drawing to PDF, JPG, PNG and other format.

First of all we will take one sample drawing and then plot it in the layout. So for that we will use rectangular viewport. And before that we will set our page to ISO A4.

After than we will draw our layout using that rectangular tool. If you're working with block in our layout then we will use polygon tool for drawing. We can set our drawing by double clicking on it.

Now the question remains that how we can plot it, so for that we will press 'Ctrl+T' key from our keyboard and then select 'Continue to plot a single sheet' option.

And after that we will select 'DWG to PDF' file option in case we want our drawing file to convert in PDF.

As soon as we press OK after setting everything than we will be asked to name our file and select the type of file as PDF and at last Save it at our desired location.

Similarly we can create our drawing file to JPG or PNG by selecting their particular option while plotting.


To convert an AutoCAD file to a PDF, follow these steps:

  • Select Tools, then Create PDF in Acrobat.
  • Select Single File from the options menu, then Select a File.
  • Please upload your AutoCAD drawing.
  • Create can be accessed by clicking or tapping on it. This creates a PDF from the file you've selected.
  • Save your PDF to the location of your choice.

Take the following steps:

  • Select Print > Batch Plot from the Application menu.
  • Set Publish to: to the output you want (for example, PDF).
  • To add drawings, click Add Sheets.
  • Set any relevant options in the appropriate manner.
  • Press the Publish button.


  • PLOT or PAGESETUP should be entered.
  • Select PublishToWeb JPG. pc3 or PublishToWeb PNG. pc3 from the printer-plotter drop-down option in the Plot dialogue box.
  • From the selection of paper sizes, select a resolution.
  • If the existing resolutions are insufficient, make your own by following these steps: Then select Properties.

Enter PNGOUT at the Command prompt. Select a folder and a file name in the Create Raster File dialogue box. Select OK.

  • With the EXPORT PDF command, you can save all layouts to a PDF file.
  • Click any layout tab in the bottom-left corner of the drawing area.
  • Select the Output tab. Panel for exporting to DWF/PDF Create a PDF document.
  • Examine the Current Settings in the Save as PDF dialogue box.
  • Select All Layouts from the Export drop-down menu.

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