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The PRES command or the CTRL+Shift+E key on your keyboard can be used to launch the Presspull utility. Start the command and select the island from the geometry you want to extrude; alternatively, you can click on the object boundary to extrude the entire 2D geometry while disregarding the island.

  • Extruding Along a Path to Create a Procedural Surface
  • Select the Surface tab. Make a panel Extrude. Find.
  • Extrude the objects or edge subobjects you want.
  • Enter p at the Command prompt (Path).
  • To utilise as a path, choose an object or an edge subobject.

In AutoCAD 3D, the Extrude command is used to make a surface or solid from a 2D surface or a 3D curve. Consider the following illustration: The Extrude command is commonly used to make walls, shapes, and other objects. Let's look at a few examples to help you understand.

Extrude is a tool that replicates selected vertices, edges, and faces and connects them to the original model in a series of the original vertices, edges, or faces.

Tab into Edit mode after selecting your object. Extrude the vertices, edges, or faces that you wish. Ctrl+left-click the point where you want the extrusion to stop. Blender determines the type of extrusion you want and extrudes your pick exactly where you want it.

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