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How to paste object with same coordinate? what is use of paste special and how to use paste special and paste as a block

Paste Special, and Paste as a Block in AutoCAD

This video will learn how to paste an object with the exact coordinates and paste special and paste as a block.

First of all, we will copy the object we have, and if we want that object to paste into any other sheet, we can go to the desired sheet and paste it by using the paste command.

We can also copy and paste by keeping the same coordinate from one sheet to another. For that, we will first copy the object and then go to any other sheet, and from there, we can paste it by selecting the 'Paste to original coordinates' option.

This will paste the object from the clipboard into the current drawing using the original coordinates.

Now we will see the 'Paste as a Block' option. We will first select the object, the object which we are selecting is not in block, and after that, we will paste it at our desired point by using the 'Paste as a Block' option.

This will be a paste the object from the clipboard as a block object provided it was not a block while we copied it.
The shortcut key for using the Paste as a block option is the 'Ctrl+Shift+V' key from our keyboard.

If we want to copy any data from the external Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel file, we can do that by using the 'Paste Special' option.

First of all, we will copy any data from, let's suppose, MS Excel file and then paste it into our project using the 'Paste Special' option.
As we click on the particular paste option, one menu will open in front of us, asking us to select which format we want the copied data to paste in our project, such as MS Excel Spreadsheet, jpg file, Text, etc...

So we will select the MS Excel spreadsheet option and click OK. After that, we will specify the point on our main screen, and there the copied data from MS Excel will be pasted. We need to zoom in to look at it.


Home tab > Clipboard panel > Paste as Block or Ctrl+Shift+V. Find. Clipboard panel > Paste to Original Coordinates (Home tab > Clipboard panel > Paste to Original Coordinates).

Select the Insert Tool from the Insert Tab > Block Panel and XY COORDINATE SYMBOL from the Block Gallery. 22. Place a few of these blocks and select OK to accept the default values each time the Edit Attributes Dialog Box displays.

Select the block(s) you want to copy by clicking on them. You can also create a window that encompasses many objects. When you're done copying, hit Enter. Press CTRL + V (Windows keyboard) or Command + V (Mac keyboard) to paste the blocks (Mac keyboard).

To use the Paste Special box's choices, go to Home, click the clipboard icon (Paste), and then Paste Special. Ctrl+Alt+V is a keyboard shortcut.

Column Widths can be double-clicked in the Paste Special dialogue box.

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