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How to draw multiline and style

MLine And ML Style Command in AutoCAD


In this video, we will see how we can edit multiline using merit tools in AutoCAD.
The shortcut key for using the Multiline command is the 'M+L+Enter' key.

We will see that we have many options in the command prompt for this, such as Justification, Scale, Style. We will select Justification, and inside that, also we have three different options, Top, Zero, Bottom.

We will select the top and draw one object. After that, we will select zero and draw one object, and after that, we will select the bottom and draw one similar object.

Now we will select all the three objects which we have drawn now.

  • The first 'top' option will count the distance from the top of the object.
  • The second 'zero' option will count the distance equally from both the top and bottom of the object.
  • The third 'bottom' option will count the distance from the bottom of the object.

Now to know the distance between the object we have drawn, we have the 'Scale' option.

So by using this option, we can set the distance between two lines of the objects.

Now we will see the last option that is known as 'Style'. If we want to draw more than two lines at one time, how can we draw? For that, we will go to our command prompt and type the 'M+L+S+T+Enter' key.
It will open one dialogue box on our screen. From here we can make a new style according to our choice. We can select the line type, line colour here and also mark the outer arc or inner arc at a particular angle at the end of the lines.

We can also see the preview of the lines which we are editing in the dialogue box there.

As our new style has been made, we select it and then again go to the command prompt and write 'M+L+Enter' and observe that the line's style has been changed from standard to which we saved. When we draw the line, it will be in the format of the style we made.


AutoCAD is a drafting software that has been used in the industry for many years. One of the most popular features of AutoCAD is its multiline styles, which are used to make text look different. The multiline style can be modified by changing the height or width of the line, or by modifying the angle of the text.

These are some ways to modify a multiline style:

  • Change line height: A new height can be specified by typing in a new number and pressing enter. A new height can also be specified using a relative percentage (e.g., 10% shorter).
  • Change width: A new width can be specified using an absolute measurement (e.g., 2 inches) or as a percentage (e.g., 50 inches)

There are three ways to draw a multiline in AutoCAD:

  • Draw the first line of the multiline and then enter MULTILINE command.
  • Draw the first line of the multiline and then press CTRL+Enter to create a second line of the same length as the first line.
  • Start drawing with MULTILINE command, specifying number of lines you want to create in advance (such as 2)

  • The FIND and REPLACE tool can be used to find text strings, search for text strings, replace text strings, find and replace text strings.
  • To use the FIND and REPLACE tool in AutoCAD, first click the Text button on the Home tab of the Ribbon.
  • Then type in your search string in the Find what box.
  • Next type in your replacement string in the Replace with box.
  • And finally click Replace All to complete your task.

  • The FIND and REPLACE tool is a powerful tool that can be used to find text in a document and replace it with another text. It can be used to find and replace words, phrases, sentences, or paragraphs.
  • This is the most popular function of the FIND and REPLACE tool. It can also be used for more advanced functions like finding all instances of the word “dog” in a document and replacing it with “cat”.

The AutoCAD FIND and REPLACE tool is a powerful way to search for text in a drawing. It is used to find and replace specific text in a drawing. The FIND command searches for text that matches the specified criteria. The REPLACE command replaces the found text with the new text.

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