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How to use grid and snap function keys.

What is Snap and Grid in AutoCAD


Now in this video, we will learn how we can use Snap and Grid function keys in AutoCAD.

We will first press the F7 key from over the keyboard, which will work ON our Grid. And also, press the F9 key to ON our Snap.

We will observe that our mouse cursor is also following the grid and moving according to that.

Whenever we try to draw any line, it will Draw according to the grid. So for that, we can also change snap and grid settings. When we go to their settings, we can change the grid spacing of the x and y-axis and transform the significant line every.

We can also change the snap spacing of the x and y-axis from Snap options in the settings.

We will draw any design without giving dimensions because the grid has already been equally spaced from the settings.

So like this, we can manage the spacing of Snap and Grid from their respective settings.


The SNAP feature is a very useful tool in AutoCAD. It can be used to create drawings with precision and accuracy. The SNAP command is used to define points on lines, arcs, circles and polylines. It can also be used to create points at the intersection of two lines or the center of a circle.

  • Grid - is a layout tool that divides your page into rows and columns.
  • Snap - is a layout tool that divides your page into thirds.

Autocad is a CAD software that is used for designing, drafting, and detailing. It has a number of tools that are used to help with the design process. In this tutorial, we will learn how to adjust the grid on Autocad.

There are two ways to adjust the grid on Autocad:

  • Using the menu bar at the top of your screen
  • Using keyboard shortcuts

  • A grid is a series of evenly spaced horizontal and vertical lines on the drawing surface. Grids are useful for aligning drawings or other objects on the drawing surface.
  • You create a grid by clicking the GRID command, which opens the GRID dialog box. Select the desired Grid style from the Style listbox in this dialog box, and then click OK to create a grid with that style.

The grids are classified into two types:

  • Fixed-size grids: The size of the grid remains constant and the number of columns and rows can vary.
  • Variable-size grids: The size of the grid changes depending on the width of the column in which it is placed and can be rectangular or square in shape.

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