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How to change line weight and how to use match property

Property, Match Property and LineWeight in AutoCAD


In this video, we will learn what is Line weight, Match property, and Property in AutoCAD.

First of all, we will see that what is lineweight property.

This property provides a choice of lineweights to make current if no objects are selected or change the selected objects' line weight.

We can go to lineweight settings and select the thickness of our line according to the choice ours. We can also change the unit of it from millimeters to inches.

We will talk about the What is Match property.

The shortcut key for this property to use in the command prompt window is the 'M+A+Enter' key. This property is used to copy the property of one object to another.

First, we need to select the source object and click on the other Object we want the source object's properties to inherit.

If we want to change the global property of any particular line for only itself, we can use the Property command. The shortcut key for using this command is the 'P+R+Enter' key.

As soon as we use this command, one property menu will get open, and it will ask to select the Object, and as soon as we choose any object, we will be displayed every property of it in the menu.

And from that menu, we can change any property according to our requirement, which will apply only to the selected Object.


  • Copying Properties from One Object to Another
  • Go to the Home tab, then to the Properties panel, then to Match Properties. Find.
  • Select the object whose properties you want to duplicate.
  • Enter s (Settings) if you want to define which properties are copied.
  • Press Enter after selecting the objects to which you want to replicate the properties.

Click the icon (below left) on your toolbar to open the 'Match Properties' command, or type'matchprop' (below) in the command line at the bottom of your screen.

Right-click an AutoCAD drawing you've imported into Visio, then select CAD Drawing Object, then Properties. Toggle to the Layers tab. Select the layer, click Set Color, and then choose a new colour from the Colors dialogue box to alter the line colour. Click the OK button.

To alter the DEFAULT lineweight, go to Tools > Drawing Settings, select the Display tab, then the Lineweights tab, and then a new default lineweight.

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