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How to change object color, line type, and line type scale

Color, LineType in AutoCAD


In this video, we will see how to change the colour and line type in AutoCAD.

If we want to apply colour to the object we have drawn, we can select that object and provide colour from the command menu's properties.
The second method for doing this is that we will select the first colour and then draw the object. First of all, we will choose any colour, draw any object like a circle, a chair, a door etc.

Now, suppose if we want any different kind of line to draw, we can do that by going to linetype manager from our properties.

As soon as the linetype manager menu opens, we can load any line according to our requirement and then press OK. So that line will appear in the list of our line type.

And to set any line for current, we can select it and then click 'Current'.


In AutoCAD, a linetype is a pattern of symbols, dots, letters, dashes, continuous lines, and so on. According to the requirements, we can change the line width and Linetype. It's also utilised in layers, where multiple LineTypes can be assigned to distinct layers.

All of the linetypes in the drawing are affected by the global scale factor. The global scale factor is set to 1.0 by default. Each linetype pattern has more repeats and smaller spacing as the scale factor decreases.

To Change the Color Assigned to a Layer's Default:

  • Select Layers Panel Layer Properties from the Home tab.
  • Select the colour you want to change in the Layer Properties Manager's Color column.
  • Select the colour you wish to use as the default for items on that layer in the Select Color dialogue box.

Choose an adjustment type under Layer > New Adjustment Layer. Click Color Range in the Properties panel's Masks section. Select Sampled Colors from the Select menu in the Color Range dialogue box.

Selected Objects' Layers Can Be Changed:

  • Choose the things you want to use.
  • Select Properties from the shortcut menu by right-clicking in the drawing area.
  • Click Layer, then the down arrow in the Properties palette.
  • Select the layer you want to assign to the objects from the drop-down list.
  • To remove the selection, press Esc.

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