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The first step is to create a poly solid. After that, you can extrude it to create the wall. Next, you can press pull the face of the wall to make it rounder.

Extrude is the process of creating a 3D shape by pushing material out of a die. Press pull is the process of creating a 3D shape by pulling material through a die.

  • Draw the wall.
  • Create a grid.
  • Add all the necessary dimensions.
  • Place blocks with the desired dimensions.

Polysolid extrusion and press pull is a process in which molten polyethylene is extruded through a die, pressed in the desired shape, and cooled. This process is used to manufacture plastic products such as pipes, window frames, and furniture.

Extrusion is used to make a 3D solid. Click Workspace Switching and pick 3D Modeling from the status bar if necessary. Find. Extrude may be found under the Solid tab > Solid panel > Extrude. Find. Extrude the objects or edge subobjects you want. The height must be specified.

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