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  • A multileader is a drawing object that is used in AutoCAD to create a line with a text that is associated with the line. There are two types of multileaders: the leader and the offset leader. The difference between them is that an offset leader has an arrow on its end, while a leader does not.
  • To create a multileader in AutoCAD, you need to go to the View tab and click on Leaders. The Create Leader dialog box will open up, where you can enter all of your information for your new multileader.

MLeaDer is a command of AutoCAD that allows you to create a leader line. You can use this tool to create a straight or curved leader line. To create a straight leader line, first select the start point on the drawing and then select the end point on the drawing. To create a curved leader line, first select the start point on the drawing and then move it in any direction.

There are many ways to create a leader with a detail or callout. One way is to use the leader with a detail or callout tool. This tool is located at the top of the screen and is an arrow that points to the right. The other way is to use text formatting tools like bold, italic, underline, and strikethrough.

This section will teach you how to create a callout in AutoCAD.

To create a callout, follow these steps:

  • Draw a line with the Line command.
  • Create a text box with the Text command.
  • Type in your callout text.

When we talk about AutoCAD, we think of a CAD software that is used for designing and drafting. With the help of AutoCAD, engineers and architects can create different types of drawings and layouts.

There are two types of leaders in AutoCAD:

  • Leader with arrowhead: It is a leader with an arrowhead that points to the direction in which you want to draw.
  • Leader without arrowhead: It is a leader without an arrowhead that you can use to draw straight lines or rectangular shapes.

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