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In AutoCAD, the loft command is used to generate a 3D solid or surface. Within the gap between various cross sections, a 3D solid or surface is generated. The cross-sections determine the solid's or surface's exterior shape. We must define at least two cross-sections to generate a 3D object with LOFT.

In the space between many cross sections, creates a 3D solid or surface. By describing a set of cross sections, a 3D solid or surface is created.

To use the Loft tool, go to 'Create' > 'Loft.' After you've picked it, click both circles. When you do, Autodesk Inventor will design the Loft for you. Turn off both planes after you've finished creating the Loft so you're left with just the cone.

The loft rails regulate the curvature of the loft between portions. If the part has numerous solid bodies, use the Solids selector to select the one you want to work with.

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