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By sweeping the object through its axis at a given angle, the Revolve function in AutoCAD 3D creates a 3D solid or surface.

Follow the instructions below to make a surface revolve:

  • On the command line or command prompt, type REV or revolve and hit Enter.
  • On the command line, type M or mode and hit Enter.
  • On the command line, type Surface or S and click Enter.

When you need to draw circular objects, AutoCAD provides you with two instructions. One (revsurf) will produce a sophisticated model consisting of a three-dimensional surface with numerous aspects. The alternative option (revolve) will provide you with a solid item. The method you use will, once again, be determined by your needs.

To rotate an object in 3D, use the 3D Object Rotate tool on the left-hand toolbar. Drag the element to freely rotate it after selecting it. To limit the rotation to 45° increments, do the following: While dragging, hold down the Shift key. To rotate an object along a single axis, use the following commands: One of the coloured spinning circles can be dragged.

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