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  • Draw a circle on the ground plane or a reference point on the 3D coordinate system.
  • Create a textured sphere and place it at the center of the circle.
  • Turn off the visibility of both objects and hide them from view by clicking Hide in Viewport Toolbar
  • Create an offset surface from the circle and set its height to 0mm or less than 0mm by adjusting Height in Surface Properties dialog box
  • Extend both surfaces vertically to meet at the top, creating an inverted pyramid shape

A sphere pyramid wedge is a shape that is made up of three spheres. The radius of the spheres are all equal, and they are all arranged in a triangular fashion with two on the bottom and one on top.

A spherical pyramid wedge is a three-dimensional object. You'll need to use the following steps to make this object:

  • On the paper, make a triangle.
  • Draw a second triangle parallel to the first, but with one end touching the first triangle's other end.
  • Draw another line between them, starting at point A and ending at point B.

The steps are as follows:

  • Select the sphere or other object you want to use for your pyramid.
  • Draw a polyline along the edge of the desired shape, which will become your base.
  • Use the Extrude command to create a 3D object from your base shape, and then select "Face" option from the dialog box that appears to make it into a 2D object
  • Use "Fillet" command to round off all corners of your pyramid

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