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How to copy, cut, and paste object

Cut, Copy, and Paste Objects in AutoCAD


In this video, we will see how to cut, copy and paste objects in AutoCAD.

First of all, we will see the copy clip command, which copies the selected object to the clipboard.The shortcut key for using this command is the 'Ctrl+C' key.

First of all, we will copy any object, and after that, we can use the paste command by pressing the 'Ctrl+V' key from our keyboard to paste the object we copied. For that, we will ask to click at one particular point where we want that object to paste.

Similarly, we can use the cut command, it will cut the object from its source place, and the shortcut key for using this command is the 'Ctrl+X' key.

We will first select an object and then use the cut command on it, and after that, use the paste command by pressing its shortcut key from our keyboard, and after that mentioning one particular point where we want that object to paste.

We can also change the base point of the paste command as per our requirement.
So this is how we use the cut, copy, and paste command in AutoCAD.


With Base Point, copy and paste:

  • At the command prompt, press Ctrl+Shift+C or type COPYBASE.
  • Choose a starting location.
  • Select the objects you want to copy and hit Enter.
  • Switch to the drawing where you wish to paste the objects if necessary.
  • Use one of the previous commands to paste the objects.

I do it by using the LAYISO command, then pressing Ctrl C or Ctrl Shift C and selecting everything with a crossing window.

Remove all limitations. A drawing with too many constraints will slow down and prevent copy and paste from working. These can be switched on under the Parametric tab on the ribbon if they aren't visible in the drawing. Select all items in the drawing and use the DELCON command to eliminate them.

  • Set the Profile to the default profile, Unnamed Profile>>, under the Profiles tab.
  • AutoCAD should be closed.
  • Create a new drawing using a normal DWT.
  • Import the damaged drawing using the INSERT command (or CLASSICINSERT)....
  • EXPLODE the block that results.
  • The file should be saved, closed, then reopened.
  • Verify that copying to the clipboard works.

For Copy/Paste to work, AutoCAD/LT requires constant read/right/delete/overwrite/rename access to your Windows' log-in Temp folder. If closing and resuming LT or restarting Windows helps, it's likely that a temporary block or restriction is being lifted.

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