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How to draw a line

How to Draw LINE in AutoCAD - LINE Command in AutoCAD

Today we are going to see what is Line command in AutoCAD and how to draw doted line in AutoCAD.

We are going to talk about drawing command, and the first command which is in drawing command is Line command.

For line command we can select 'Line' from our drawing panel in our Home tab. As we click on our Command prompt window will guide us that what to do next.

We will draw one line from its starting point and then clicking on next point to draw that line completely, so now command prompt will ask us to specify next line point, so according to our choice we can click anywhere where we want our next point to be.

After that we will see that our command prompt will also have close and undo option, we will select close and see that our line will get close in such a way that the starting point and ending point will form another line to completely close this figure.

And if we select undo option then the last line which we made will get Undo and removed. We can also write 'L' and press Enter key to have Line command in command prompt rather than selecting it from home tab.

To draw completely straight line we can use 'F8' key from our keyboard, which will get our Ortho ON and we will only be able to draw straight line.

We can also provide dimension according to our requirement to draw completely perfect figure with straight lines.

We can also draw line at particular angles in AutoCAD, for that we will use 'F12' key and see that we can select any angle according to our choice and draw line on it. To enter particular angle we can also press 'Tab' which will allow us to write the numeric angle which we want.


The pen tool in Autocad is used to draw lines. You can use it to draw straight lines, curved lines, and freehand shapes.

To use the pen tool in Autocad:

  • Click on the Pen icon
  • Click on the desired drawing mode (straight line, freehand, or curve)
  • Click and drag to create a line

The first step is to open up the Autocad application on your computer. The second step is to create a new drawing by clicking on the New button at the top of the screen. The third step is to select a template for your drawing. The fourth step is to select a line or sketch tool from the toolbar on the left side of your screen. The fifth step is to click and drag your mouse along where you want your construction line to go.

In Autocad, you can add dimensions to a drawing by clicking the dimension button on the left side of the drawing. You can use this tool to add linear dimensions and angular dimensions. Linear dimensions are used to measure lengths, widths, heights and other distances that are straight lines. Angular dimensions are used to measure angles in degrees or radians.

There are a few ways in which a dimension can be added to a specific point on an object. One way is to use the thickness of the object. Another way is to use the length of the object. A third way is to use the height of the object.

Advantages of using dimensions:

  • Allows for more complex calculations
  • Allows for the use of matrices
  • Allowed for the creation of more mathematical equations

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