Course Content

Course Content


Commands for Working With 3D Models:

  • 3DMOVE (Command)
  • 3DORBIT (Command)
  • 3DROTATE (Command)
  • 3DSCALE (Command)
  • BOX (Command)
  • CONE (Command)
  • CONVTOMESH (Command)
  • CONVTONURBS (Command)

Commands for Editing 3D Solids and Surfaces:

  • EXTRUDE (Command)
  • OFFSETEDGE (Command)
  • PRESSPULL (Command)
  • SLICE (Command)
  • SOLIDEDIT (Command)

Drag the mouse over the "cube" icon at the top right of the canvas until the top, right, and front sides of the cube are visible. This shifts the perspective from two-dimensional to three-dimensional, allowing you to see the three-dimensionality of the 3-D form you'll generate from the two-dimensional model.

Creating a 3D model from a 2D image Shapeways | Creator of 2D to 3D Prints: Upload a 2D image to our 2d to 3d maker to easily turn your 2D designs into 3D prints. If you have a 2D image in Tinkercad. Adobe Photoshop: If you own a copy of Photoshop, you'll be pleased to learn that Adobe has added 3D capabilities to its arsenal.

Paint 3D is mostly used to manipulate and create 3D models, but you can also start with a 2D image and perform some magic, as explained below, to effectively "transform" a 2D artwork into a 3D object.

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