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How to draw line using co-ordinate system

Line In Absolute Coordinate System - Autocad Coordinate System

In this video we will see that how to draw line using co-ordinates system and learn more about Autocad Coordinate system.

We have basically three method for Autocad Coordinate System.

Types of Coordinate System in Autocad

  1. Absolute Coordinate System :- (X,Y)
  2. Relative Rectangular Coordinate System :- (@ X,Y)
  3. Relative Polar Coordinate System :- (@ DISTANCE < ANGLE)

1. Abosolute Coordinate System

First we will see that what is Absolute co-ordinate system. In this system we will need to provide two values ie. X and Y where X represents Horizontal distance, while Y represents Vertical distance. Now we will select line command and specify the first point as 0,0 and then next point as 10,0 and continue our line as below specified points -

N.P.(Next point) 10,4

N.P. 7,4

N.P. 7,8

N.P. 4,8

N.P. 4,12

N.P. 0,12

N.P. 0,0

So this will create our required figure and in this way we can draw our line using absolute co-ordinate system.

The disadvantage of this method is that feature were co-ordinate we take it should start from 0,0 origin.

2. Relative Rectangular co-ordinate system

The next method is Relative Rectangular co-ordinate system. In this method if we are going to horizontal right side then it will be positive otherwise negative, and if we are moving upwards in vertical side then it will be positive otherwise negative.

For this method we will specify our points as,

F.P. - - -

N.P. @ 10,0

N.P. @ 0,4

N.P. @ -3,0

N.P. @ 0,4

N.P. @ -3,0

N.P. @ 0,4

N.P. @ -4,0

N.P. @ 0,-12

So this will create our required figure and in this way we can draw our line using relative rectangular method.

3. Relative Polar co-ordinate system

The next method which we are going to use is Relative Polar co-ordinate system. In this we will specify the distance first and then the angle of it seperated by '<' symbol. So for this method we will first select line and then press specify the following points in our command prompt with certain format,

F.P. - - -

N.P. @ 10<0

N.P. @ 4<90

N.P. @ 3<180

N.P. @ 4<90

N.P. @ 3<180

N.P. @ 4<90

N.P. @ 4<180

N.P. @ 12<270

So this will create our required figure and in this way we can draw our line using Relative Polar co-ordinate system.


  • Co-ordinates are a way of describing a location. In co-ordinate systems, the locations are usually described as points. Points can be defined as an ordered pair that consists of two numbers which represent the distance from the origin in a certain direction.
  • In mathematics, co-ordinates are used to find an unknown point on a graph or map by using two known points. The first number in a point is called the x-coordinate and it tells you how far from the origin you are going right or left. The second number is called the y-coordinate and it tells you how far up or down you are going near to or away from the origin respectively.

Drawing a construction line in Autocad is a straightforward process. In order to draw a construction line, you need to create a new layer and then select the "Construction Lines" tool from the "Lines" toolbox. Next, click on the point at which you want your construction line to start and then click on the point where you want it to end. Now, right-click on your mouse and choose "Close Construction Line."

  • This tutorial will teach you how to add dimensions in Autocad. To add dimensions, you need to activate the dimension tool and then click on the line that you want to measure. Next, type in the desired measurement and then hit enter.
  • There are many benefits of adding dimensions in Autocad. One of them is that it helps your drawings look more professional and accurate. It also helps you stay on track with your design by letting you know how much material is needed for each project.

  • The dimensioning process is the process of determining the specifications for a product. It includes the measurements, geometry, and other characteristics of the product.
  • The dimensioning process is used to define how a product will be manufactured. It also provides information on how much material will be required for production. This helps in reducing wastage and saving time and money.

The dimensions of a cube are length, width, height, and depth. These dimensions can be thought of as the different ways to measure the size of an object. A cube is a three-dimensional shape with six faces. The faces are usually squares or rectangles and each side is equal in length.

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